Reverse Mortgage Should I Create a Revenue Rental Suite

Should You Renovate and Create a Revenue Rental Suite? Home prices and rentals in Canada are increasing at insane rates. Revenue-producing suites are fast becoming a major asset for retiring or retired homeowners for additional revenue streams. Imagine Being a Renter in Today’s Markets? We cannot help but feel empathy for those that are renting […]

Top Five Reasons – How Reverse Mortgage Funds Are Used

Reverse Mortgages in Canada are on the rise as aging baby boomers start to retire. Covid-19 helped accelerate some seniors to get reverse mortgages sooner, however, this trend has been growing for years. Going forward the next ten years will bring substantial growth as it increases in popularity. Not sure what a Reverse Mortgage is? […]

Pros and Cons of a Reverse Mortgage

Pros and Cons of a Reverse Mortgage Many homeowners are unaware of what a reverse mortgage is and often assume it may be detrimental to its real purpose, helping seniors enjoy their retirement! This false sense of negativity is often based on how reverse mortgage loans differ in Canada versus the United States from decades […]